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Friday, 25 July 2014


Tuesday, 24 June 2014



Thank god the sales have finally started. I've been looking for a lot of items for such a long time. I went to the shopping city of the Netherlands: Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the shopping capital of the Netherlands.It was such a hectic day with too many people in one place! When I go shopping I like to go all by myself without anyone. I usually go shopping on a normal weekday preferably in the morning when there is no one around.  Although it was a hectic day I did found some wonderful items in the sale. To be honest I was first a crazy buyer.. You could compare me with Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic! Fortunately the addiction became lesser and lesser.. Today I try to focus more on basic items who I could wear more and combine with each other. Basic items are items I think you should spent a lot of money on because you wear them a lot, at least that is what I would like to do. The sale is a perfection time to score basic and beautiful items for such a fine price. Later this week I will post a post about my favorite summer essentials and my ultimate summer wish-list. Just like everyone I have a wish-list which I love to complete. After the shopping I did in Amsterdam I can now cross three items on my wish-list which I have purchased during the sale: Coco Noir, a Lulu (Saint Laurent) inspired bag via Mango and some lovely pointed flats via Zara. You can find the price per item below. I must honestly say that I love all the items. I don't have a favorite one. The bag is such a lovely simple but also a elegant bag at the same time. I wear it everyday as a wallet. Also the shoes are nice,  unfortunately they do not hurt a bit. I hope the pain will become lesser when I decide to wear them more. The perfume Coco Noir is a classic one and has always been one of my favorite perfumes. I've bought it with a 21% discount! (ka-ching!!!)

By the way I am very curious if you guys already scored some during the sale!

 - Bag via Mango
- Flats via Zara
- Perfume via ICI Paris

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Saturday, 21 June 2014


After such a long break I decided to pick up the blogging again. I was busy with my internship. I didn't had the time to give attention to my blog. I decided to take a little break and to continue posting on Instagram (@Fashdistrict). I started to receive a lot of comments and followers on Instragram. It's really sweet how you guys started following me and commenting on my photo's. But Instagram became just a part of the blogging. But enough, I hope its clean why I stoped for a while. Right now I'm picking the blogging up. Today I had a lovely shoot with Nathalie from (her blog). Such a sweet girl with a lot of talent. It was such a fun day.Today I wore a wool coat from H&M. I really like this type of coats. You can always pick them for a casual or a sporty look. The shirt is by Givenchy. Love this Bambi print so much. I always had something for Disney characters. This top is ideal, right? The trousers and the shoes are by Zara. You can see that these trousers became one of my favorites. I wear them everyday. The shoes are also one of my favorites. The belt is not a part of the coat. I was inspired by the design by Isabel Marant. I thought it would look really cool with the top. The belt is a DIY made by me.
(coat: H&M - top: Givenchy - pants: Zara - shoes: Zara - belt: DIY - bag: Mango)

Photography by Nathalie Kemna